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So the offical weighin took place today! Given the recent upheavel in my life, Bob the Builder has a jcb in my kitchen (I only WISH I was joking!) and I've crossed over to a new age box on the census form! Strap this to St. Patricks day, "one more load should do it" moving out pizza and "wheres the wok gone?" moving in chinese, I have actually lost weight in the last two weeks. Now... saying its ONLY half a pound would have in times gone by had me rolling my eyes! But clearly I'm making better choices without even realising it, I've been buying fruit, so I've been eating it, I've been drinking my water, probably because we lost the kettle for 48 hours but still.. these are all new habits that I seem to be doing naturally. I still have to get the tracking everyday down to an art and focus on the exercise more, but I'm chuffed! I really thought that moving, birthdays and irish drinking sessions would send me back to the start but hey the plan works! Doll x

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