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PPPOTD - Breakfast Biscuits

Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first. ~ Josh Billings

Considering I worked in advertising for so long and understand the ins and outs of a campaign and how marketing has to get in your face... Lisa Snowdon and her Brrreaakfast biscuits drive me nuts! So much so that when I spotted them in the supermarket I thought - "lets see how good your BRRRREAAKfast biscuits really are madame!!" These are MASSIVE in points for breakfast ... at 2 pp per biscuit and 4 in each pack, you're looking at 8 pp for 4 thin biscuits, which I guarantee will not fill you up.. I had two for my breakfast and 10 mins later I was wondering if the clocks could go forward again to get me closer to lunch! They are malty in taste, and quite dry so you would have to have them with tea/coffee/milk... compared to the likes of Special K, Weetabix and better yet porridge, or my new fav breakfast - fruit smoothies with a dannone actimel thrown in ... we're being robbed! If they are on your shopping list.. save them for emergencies (in the car, desk at work) and wrap them up in smaller portions so you don't get carried away!! Doll x


  1. Hi there!
    I have been on the ProPoints plan for nearly 12 weeks now, your blog is fantastic, follow mine too at or

  2. I eat the fruit and fibre belvitas sometimes for breakfast and they are only 6pp for the 4 biscuits, pretty sure all flavours are the same too x


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