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PPPOTD - Jamaican cake!

A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.
Ludwig Erhard

Sometimes I can get caught on the hop with my friends ... this evening is a good example ... I dropped into a friend for a cuppa after a class and she produced a "treat" ... normally this would send me into panic mode.. Have I got enough propoints left? Will I have to exercise this off tomorrow? Will I have enough time? Luckily I've not touched my 49 extras this week so I could indulge albeit cagey ... and YUM! Its been a long time since I've tried this ginger cake and its something I would have again.. its 3 pp per slice.. I don't have any weights for this because the breakdown is based on the cake being sliced into 10 slices, which was done ... it would be too easy to add a little extra.. but one slice was more than enough.. its rich, moist and something different.. as you all know I'm all for variety in food... Show me butternut squash soup again till next winter and I'll scream.. I mean it!! If you love ginger.. and have the strength to slice it up and be honest (I mean who are you kidding really!?) .. it one you can add to your basket.. Doll x


  1. ProPoints? wow.. im so new to this program that I am just so lost.. I guess Im going to have to start going to a meeting for some serious accountability and helpful tips..


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