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Happy New Year!!!! (No really!)

Happy Chinese new year everyone... and 2011 is the year of the rabbit - yes I laughed too.. if all I ate was carrots for the rest of the year I'd be ProPoint free!!! (and probably a light shade of orange!)

A famous Chinese proverb which comes to mind is...

Everyone eats and drinks; yet only few appreciate the taste of food.

... and it is SO true... that clever Confucius!! How many times have I HOOVERED a chinese take out thinking it was the last time I'd ever eat one!!! sigh... Chinese food is delicious and can be a fab treat when enjoyed with friends.. but the trick is to savour it! Take your time and really enjoy the flavours! I also think when it comes to eating out..... Just use common sense.....choose the healthiest option..

A lot of Chinese restaurants tend serve the meat and sauce in one dish, while the rice/noodles come seperately, pick out the meat and place it with your rice/noodles, then with a spoon dish out 2 - 3 spoons of sauce over your meat. The servers are ALWAYS coming over to ask if everything is to your liking, just ask them to take away the excess sauce. If it's not wont eat it and while your waiting for your food to come out.....drink loads of water... it'll fill you up! Stay away from the prawn crackers!

Split portions meat and sauce portion between two portions of rice...

Every restaurant is slightly different, with different recipes and portions....its just IMPOSSIBLE to point them accurately.

These days restaurants aren't that busy, I'm not even going to START about the recession ....they won't mind you asking how a dish is cooked. Remember you (or someone who loves you, ya lucky duck!!) is paying for it!

Below is a list of some of the goodies you can indulge in... if like me you don't use your extra weekly 49 PPs so you can have a treat or share some with friends...

(these will be listed on the takeout page too! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)


Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup = 6 pp
Spring Roll per roll = 9 pp
Seaweed (deep fried) = 9 pp
Hot and Sour Soup = 4 pp
Sesame Prawn Fingers, per finger = 3 pp
Prawn crackers = 9 pp

Char Sui Pork = 11 pp
chicken chow mein = 9 pp
Chicken and Cashew Nuts = 9 pp
Chicken with Mushroom = 8 pp
Chicken Balls (portion of 8) = 13 pp
Chips - half bag (210g) = 14 pp
Chips are pointed at 24pp for a whole bag,
I weigh mine out 210g = 14 pp, 400/420g = 26/27 pp
Curry Sauce (per tub) = 8 pp
Egg fried rice = 16 pp
Lemon Chicken = 10 pp
Mushroom Chow Mein = 6 pp
Mushroom Foo Yung = 6 pp
Roast Pork Cantonese Style = 10 pp
Special Chow Mein = 9 pp
Szechuan Prawn with Vegetables = 12 pp
Vegetable Curry = 8 pp

Fortune Cookies (per cookie) = 2 pp
Ice Cream = 9 pp
Lychees (6) = 0 pp
Toffee Banana = 15 pp (I KNOW!!!!)

Blue Dragon Thai Sweet Chilli dipping sauce 15ml = 1 pp
Noodles - egg, 150g = 3 pp
Mushrooms, creamed 213g can = 5 pp
Rice - brown, boiled, 150g = 6 pp
Rice - brown rice boiled 100g = 4 pp
Rice - white, easy-cook, 150g = 6 pp
Soy Sauce 1 tblsp = 0 pp
Soy Sauce 3 tblsp = 1 pp

I'll add more as I discover them... enjoy!

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  1. love love your blog i cant stop reading! 3.30am work in the morning but feeling great about all the ideas i now have for my shopping list! I am just wondering if you know if the above Chinese pp is based on the plastic takeaway containers we get in Ireland or half of it or what the story is? xx


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