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ProPoints Product of the Day... PPPOTD!

Here's a daily addition to the blog which might help out some of the WW pointers out there.. Each day I'll be adding a product, which will then be added to the Pro points pages here... there will be comparisons.. and shockers.. but it's a great learning curve for me now that the system has changed, it'll hopefully help me remember how much food costs in terms of my remaining balance in the PRO POINTS bank! LOL .. first up..

TUK Crackers..

These are deceptively sly! They aren't in the supermarket aisle where the other crisps and savouries tend to be.. they are "filed" with the crackers.. DON'T be deceived! They are for all intense purposes a glorified crisp in my opinion.. and they disappear in minutes! I had these for a few friends (to try them out and to point them) and there wasn't enough in the bag for more than two people... don't get me wrong.. They are YUM but an 85g bag like this one is 11 pp.. you heard me... ELEVEN.. there are much better savoury options out there so don't be tempted.. unless you've got the points to spare!

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