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PPPOTD - Dem bones.. Dem bones...

OK... as a gal who cut out most of her dairy fun when she joined WW, lets face it butter and Cadburys mousse weren't gonna make the shortlist! A point our leader often makes is "are we getting enough calcium?" ... I'm a huge yoghurt fan, especially now we have free fruit! But sometimes you just gotta spend your points on your health.. this is one way to do just that. Benecol are a range of dairy products that target the bad cholesterol in your body and help with the good (who knew!) ... AND its got a good dose of calcium so its a little bottle of insurance for osteoporosis and healthy bones all for 1 pp. These come a variety of flavours, and are smaller than the usual probiotic drinks, which is good for those who don't like these kind of drinks, for the rest of us... its fond memories of uni and a bottle of José! Try the pineapple! Doll x

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