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PPPOTD - Custard pies!!!!

God always has another custard pie up his sleeve.
Lynn Redgrave

Ahhh... yes the battle of the custards! Since I'm moving house in two weeks.. (finally getting an extension so I can become the domestic goddess that god had intended me to be! AHEM!) I'm now going through my freezer to clear out foods before we move, trust me it's going to be an very interesting two weeks.. and I found some really nice rhubarb! Now, friends tell me you CAN'T have rhubarb without custard (rules are rules!) and whilst I'm happy with my crème fraiche, I thought I'd investigate the custard scene (I know!! how rock and roll is MY life!?) .. SO here's a popular favourite with quite a substantial difference in points.

Birds Low fat custard for 100g = 2 pp
Birds Regular custard per 100g = 3 pp

Now you may think that's only a point but that is per 100g. The little box of ready made is 500g - so 10 pp for the low fat and 15 pp for the regular, which if you're making a trifle or something for a party is a 5 pp saving! I'm sticking with my Crème Fraiche or greek yoghurt but its nice to know that I could have this if I fancied...

Tip for the rhubarb - chop into sizable chunks and stew in 7up or diet lemonade, that way you're not adding any sugar but its plenty sweet!

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