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PPPOTD - Not so special!

"To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day."
Somerset Maugham (1874—1965), British novelist.

So its the weekend... I like to try something a little different on a Saturday morning to break from the usual porridge/fruit smoothie during the week... and that girl prancing about on the Special K ad in her bright red cozzie and floaty dress just bugs me! GROAN... I succumbed! Now there are LOADS of different varieties of Special K... but I purchased this one on the fact cereal is one on my late night snacks and being oats.. its suppose to fill you up more, low GI.. blah blah .. and WHO doesn't love honey... imagine then when I pointed it out to be 5 pp with 125ml of semi skimmed milk (that's 10 pp per 100g!!!) and trust me when you weigh out 30g... maybe its just MY cereal bowl .. ahem.... but you'll be looking for it after a few spoonfuls! Delicious? Oh yes.. worth the points? honestly no... my Saturday breakfast cereal quest continues...


  1. I went shopping this morning and looked at cereal and was shocked to find that coco pops and frosties had the same points as special k. Hell give me the coco pops over special k any day!! Went for porridge though!

  2. Hell yeah! If you're gonna spend 5 pp on a cereal I'd rather have the chocolate one anyday... These certainly aren't for snacking in the evening.. who has 5 pp left over at the end of the day!?!?!

    PLUS you get the chocolate milk after.. (such a kid! LOL)


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