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PPPOTD - Oaty bars from WEETABIX

These were quite the find! I suppose you could call them 'breakfast bars', but hey whenever you eat them is what kinda bars they are, and these are PERFECT for that cuppa before bed because they are FULL of fibre so you can safely head of to dreamland on a full tummy! No midnight kitchen raids after these!

They are made by Weetabix, hence the breakfast spin.. and are delicious! Each bar is 2 pp. One big plus is that they are not miserable on the chocolate front... you know how you find these "chocolate" flavoured health bars and you're searching for the chocolate on/in them? ... and believe me I search.. CSI has NOTHING on me when it comes to sniffing out the Cadburys! These bars are not shy on the choccie front .. and have MORE than enough to douse the pangs... and if Chocolate isn't your thing, they also come in a Strawberry flavour for the fruities amongst us.. Remember the Strawberry sauce they put on 99s years ago? The very same! ... again they're only 2 pp and very filling. Enjoy!


  1. I'v had one and they are YUMMY :)

    would recommend as a snatched brekkie on the go, or a snack type bar


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