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PPPOTD - Reggae Reggae Sauce...

Any fans out there of Dragons Den will remember this one... Peter Jones with his sexy socks bit this one and made the passionate home chef millions... I'm all for supporting the small home business and the latest in the range are these new cooking sauces .. This one is Caribbean curry and whilst is spicy is only medium on the chilli scale... its Delicious.. I used half of the jar with a handful of prawns and lots of veg - onions, peppers, mushrooms and a courgette. I added a couple of table spoons of WW crème fraiche just to make it a little more creamy... this with some brown wholegrain rice keeps you full ALL evening.. not a peep out of me at 9pm when the "tea & biccie fairy" came to visit! Its 3 pp per 100g which makes the jar 11 pp (350g) but it would easily make two (fro two people!) dinners, if the domestic goddess in you is up for it.. make the lot and freeze!

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