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Jan 21, 2015

Rehydrate - part two...

The wind... geez the wind!!! Hibernation is the trend at the moment... it's miserable out there... but with heating on, fires lighting and the fan turned up to defrost the car its important to rehydrate... yes, your 8 glasses of water and that's hard enough to keep up...  but your body and skin need a loving too! Here's some of my picks to get you through to spring... 

Me Me Me - Seventh Heaven Enriched Moisturising Facebase is perfect when you're not leaving the house for the day or not going to face the general public! You know those days when it's laundry, a walk, catch up on TV and general faffing about... or like me your work from home and only the postman need to get a fright! Well, this stuff is perfect for those days...  It's got that rich feeling to it without being heavy or feeling greasy... It's made with shea butter, Vitamin A and Beta Carotene to hydrate and nourish ... AND even if you are going out in the big bad world, leave it a few minutes to soak in and work its magic, it's a great primer base plus it smells SO good... citrusy, officially it lemon, orange, lime and mandarin ... but your face feels really fresh once its on with no irritation! It's got a real springtime vibe about it! 

I got mine in Superdrug but its also available online for €18.99 >>> HERE <<<

Elizabeth Arden products are cult products for a reason and if you do suffer with dry lips this product is the business... This has a vaseline type feel to it but its more... buttery?! if you know what I mean? It doesn't have that greasy finish to it but it definitely puts a 'seal' over your lips... great to lash on before bed,... the scent is eucalyptus and honey which sounds a bit medicinal its not over powering at all... it comes in a 'lipstick' form in Boots for €22 too but seek out these tins for €7.90! I got mine at the check out in Dublin airport but they can be found at the beauty counters too... Bargain! Doubles up as a fab cream for your cuticles and to tame your eyebrows! WINNING!

Freeze 24•7 Skin Blizzard Intensive Hydrating Facial Serum is the bees knees! One drop of this stuff rubbed in the palm of your hands and instantly your face feels nourished and like new! And with all the central heating, fires, fans in the car you're skin can feel really dry and tight but this serum is like a light relief! You literally only need a tiny drop once a day to keep your skin in check... don't forget your neck! It's pricey at €72 in Debenhams but it'll last you AGES, and your skin will feel amazing... put it on your list instead of Mothers day Choccies and an Easter Egg...  the range is often discounted in TK MAXX too, keep your eye's peeled for it... 

For your hands ... my two favs are Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme from Burt Bees, which smells divine... this one is thick with the same texture as butter, so it's one to put on before you go to bed and you'll wake up with super soft paws! There's a 'banana' version as well if almonds aren't your thing... you can purchase these in Holland & Barrett, Boots and all the usual spots for approx €10 but it will last you ages! Think of how many chocolate bars that is! 

The other is Whipped Hand Cream from L'Occitane at €10.50 is a bit pricey but its 25% shea butter, so it's got all the good feels on your hands without any strong scent, especially in this kind of weather! You can buy it online >>> HERE <<< or in any of their stores...

Again for those days when you don't need a full face of slap... Bright Here Bright Now from Soap & Glory is a lovely light moisturiser that will give you a lil glow without all the shine and glitter, AND you can mix this in with your foundation to give you that luminous' look... Think along the lines of Benefit - That Gal ... you know the way your winter foundation doesn't work in summer? well try a blob of this and mix it through your foundation and it works a charm to get you through springtime!  €15 in Boots worth it too!

Not forgetting your lovely locks especially after all the GHD and hair dryers over the festive season... L'oread Elvive Extraordinary Oil is perfick for those of us with long hair ... again you only need a couple of drops to keep the dry ends away... You can add it before you shampoo to protect your colour, during styling to protect it from the heat.. or a drop rubbed between your hands once your done to finish your style off with a glossy shine! Again this smells gorgeous... and the bottle will last you AGES! €12 in Boots but it varies so shop around! 

For a good body lotion that you can lash on, Vaseline are one of the best out there and the variety in their range means there's something for everyone... I'm a huge fan of the Spray and Go moisturiser after the pool... no faffing with bottles and especially after a dip in chlorine you're skin feels great.. but their body lotions and gels are just as good.. The lotion is fab to lash on or the body gel which will give your skin a nice sheen for the money, AND you're getting a fab moisture kick to your skin... I'm a cocoa junkie, I just love smelling like holidays but there's aloe vera, oat extract (which doesn't smell like porridge!) and just plain old lotion if perfumed stuff isn't your thing... 

Shop around in your local pharmacy for these... Approx. €6.99 in Boots

Now DON'T forget your tootsies! Seriously, I know we're all still in boots and fluffy socks but before you know it, you'll have to get 'em out and no one wants to face dry cracked skin on your piggies... so two products I use all the time are Gorgeous Feet from Boots with its SUPER hydrating, lash it on once you're in bed and it'll work its magic overnight! €4.49 (They've updated the packing since I bought this but its in the 'Make-My-Feet-Pretty' area! 

And below... well you can't go wrong with Palmers Cocoa Butter in any shape or form but this Peppermint and Mango (don't knock it till you try it!) Foot Magic is actually MAGIC! and only €3-ish absolute bargain! 

Rug up and keep hydrating! It'll be flip flop time before we know it! 

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