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You just can't see it...

This last week a few things happened that made me sit up and think... I'm an over thinker as a rule, I can dissect a simple 'OK' into a thousand different ways, but this was more than usual... Our minds are tricksters at the best of times and the mind games we play with ourselves can be pretty silly... Every left the house having tried on EVERY single item that you own and still not been happy?!?

It all started with Comso Australia posting a picture of supermodel Robyn Lawley wearing her own swimwear range... This woman is regarded as 'plus size'! Don't even get me started... I've sworn on twitter more than twice in the last week! Initial reaction... they've put up the wrong pic... but no... this healthy, curve, super sexy woman is 'plus size' ... it terrifies me what category I'd fit into if this is 'big'! And what gets me is women, who are younger or more impressionable or more insecure than me will think to themselves.. 'well she's gorgeous but I don't want to be 'PLUS SIZE' ... that's worse than being fat for crying out loud!' 

Then I came across this link... I posted it all over the shop and every single person bar 1 was way off on their body shape... seriously, try it... it's like the line up that GOK does without having to stand in your knickers... 

I too, had underestimated my size by 17.5%! Very nearly one fifth out of synch! When we lose weight, sadly our brains take a lot longer to catch up with the rest of us... We look in the mirror and see the old body... the need to cover up... to save the poor general public having to look at us... 

I had a brief chat with a mum of 4 who was confident with her body and I admire her so much... her body has produced 4... FOUR beautiful tiny humans... how magic is that?!?! It's cared for them, nourished them, chased them away from harm, cuddled them, kissed them and so much more... she's a super star in my eyes... How society could roll their eyes at her for a few stretch marks, earned by doing something SO incredible is beyond me... So time to ignore this nonsense... 

A lot of us when we look in the mirror, we hate what we see, and don't understand when people compliment us, or think they're just being polite... when in fact people, we're pretty awesome! You've only got one body and whilst it may not be perfect for Cosmo or Vogue, its strong, healthy and ALL Yours!  So shake your booty and sashay you're way around the world today and just say "thanks!" ... because you are fabulous!


  1. That model is gorgeous, fab figure.. no way i'd call her "plus sized" madness is what it is!!!
    I'm 7.5% smaller than I think I am & Hourglass shaped!!! Who would have thunk it :)

    Great Post Doll

    1. That little widget is great isn't it! Our brains need to catch up with the rest of us! ;P x


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