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A little of what you fancy...

You all thought I was going to talk about Mr. Clooney or Mr. Farrell again didn't you... *swoony*

Weight Watchers recently asked me to take part in their latest blogging challenge called the 'Feel Good Food Challenge'... It's being done by a variety of bloggers everywhere, food/fashion/beauty bloggers... some who are trying Weight Watchers products for the first time to others who do it religiously... The basis of this challenge is 'No food is good or bad' and you don't have to give up anything you love... it's all about balance and moderation... you know the old adage... 'a little of what you fancy does you good...' So we were sent some of their products to try out...

Over the last few weeks I've been documenting the Weight Watchers products I use regularly and I like.. I've also tried some new ones... my biggest surprise the Weight Watchers cheese! It's fab! I made some mini pizzas with their pita breads and wasn't expecting the melty yumminess I got... I pretty much gave up cheese when I started this properly, I avoid the cheese counter in the deli ... and the laughing cow cheese is my 'treat'... and I could find any excuse to straighten the block of cheese in the fridge before going to bed... So it was nice to try something new... 

I tried their Tikka Sauce, 6PP for the jar... Indian spices are something I always get wrong with recipes... curry is about as close to success as I can get.. so I tried the sauce, served with the creamy korma poppadoms and it was a hit with my taste testing team! 


and if you're a regular on here, you know about my eternal quest to get breakfast on the go... these breakfast biscuits tasted lovely... the honey taste was nice and a sugar buzz was needed in the car after a swim on the way to work, as you'll see I had them with a banana and an apple and my usual bottle of water ... 4PP per pack

The other product that I loved was their dairy spread... 0PP per 10g ... I use soya butter but this was a treat when I had a crumpet last week and I MISS real butter.. sigh...  

The new breakfast cereals filled me with dread to be honest... In my mind FIBRE = CARDBOARD... but again I was surprised by this, a dash of milk and piles of berries it was a fab and filling breakfast... 3PP per 30g...  

We live in stressful times, money is tight... jobs are to be cherished... and at the end it, we're all spinning about on this planet just trying to get along and enjoy it while we're here... our family time, our social lives, just getting up on a sunny day can make life that little be nicer... I don't work for Weight Watchers... I don't sell their products... I love their yoghurts, but won't touch their Ocean pie (it's a LONG story for another post!)... The new greek style yoghurts are really creamy, 2PP per pot ...  and the Steam & Serve pouches are great for an emergency! Dinner in 8 minutes... My fav is the Sweet Mango Chicken, 7PP per pack... I added some sweet chilli sauce and some soy sauce .. *drool* 

The ProPoints plan works for me... I need structure, I need portion control, and accountability! PLUS I can have whatever I want as long as I work it into my day... Either earn the activity points or use my weeklies... Don't ask me what 'filling and healthy breads' there are... I couldn't tell you but I will guide you to other bloggers who will sort you out... there are loads of people I know who are doing that version of the plan... they're losing weight and loving it! Good on 'em! 

My Weight Watchers heros! 

I'm not a big fan of WW ready meals, only because I LOVE they cookbooks and the recipes online and in the Weight Watchers magazine..  but I do have one or two in the freezer for late nights, starvation and for when the 'big snow' arrives again! *drama much* .. Their sauces are so handy and low in Pro Points that I keep a couple for for emergencies...  I've had their breakfast bars after swimming because I when I get out of the pool I'm ravenous and you can munch them in the car ... I SWEAR by their cookbooks ... FYI my leader is AWESOME at emailing us recipes every week which are just delicious... she should have her own cook book!P

For the 'bake off' watching... I tried out the Mini Jaffa Rolls 2PP each and the Double Choc Chip Cookies, 2PP for a pack of two... both delish and the non weight watchers were none the wiser when they were out of the packets! Result!

So here's a selection of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners 
over the last couple of weeks trying out the new stuff... 
I eat lots of fruit and drink loads of water.. some days I'm a human fish bowl!  
... and I included the amazing PIZZA for treat night! a gazillion pro points! eek! ... 

and fear not, I'm not venturing into vlogging... this face is for radio people!! 

If you want to see other bloggers (there's some lovely recipes up already!) then check out the hashtag #WWFEELGOODFOOD and big thank you to Weight Watchers for including me! 


  1. What a brilliant video Doll! The meals look amazing!! (*drool) And I loved the music, the motivational quotes - everything! Make more of them please!!! :)

    1. Thanks J x Nothing like some boppy music to get you going! x

  2. Ah Doll, you're a girl after my own heart. Absolutely loved your video, you've given me great ideas. Fab blog as always. :) x


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