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Crunchy Creatures....

Continuing with my 'crisp' addiction... Irish followers may have spotted Veronicas Snack range all over the place... My poor Supervalu manager is now being harassed to get them into the store ASAP! But the latest to their range is one for the kids (big and little kids!) Crunchy Creatures... 

Cheesey Crunchy Creatures at that... they come in two sizes, the multi-pack size (15g bags) are 2PP per pack and honestly they're enough to curb the savoury craving... you know how I'm all about get value for ProPoints! The larger bag (30g) is only 4PP!! Bargain! Plus they're dinosaur shaped!! I KNOW!

The back story to this is really cool... Veronica Kenneally decided to create a healthy snack range that was full of flavour and gluten free... the result is snacks that have no cholesterol, no trans-fats, no wheat, no GMO, suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, organic and low in salt... 
AND they're Irish so what's not to love! 

Check out the full range here>>>

The 85g bags are 10PP and the 23g are 3PP for all the flavours! 

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