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Whitefriar grill... Brunch Club!

Next up... one that's already well known about town! 

Whitefriar Grill is on Aungier Street, D2 serves brunch on Sat, Sun and Bank holidays from 10:30am - 4pm...


The menu is fab.. varied but you want to try everything... plus you know when you see the plates passing you by, and you, well me, have to ask the waitress 'what was that?!" in blind panic in case you've missed something amazing... THAT!

Drinkies for the hangovers are on the boards... I can recommend the Hibiscus Royale... dear lord its yummy! 

There's plenty of seats and you're not on top of the table beside you but its best to book on a Sunday or you might be disappointed! 

If the chef likes eggs... you're onto a winner! Job satisfaction right there! ;)

The OJ is fresh and cold...

My dining companion had the full Irish... FULL being the key word here... it's got the works... and I tried the beans... whatever magic they add to them.. they could bottle and sell!!! Delish!

I went for my usual... eggs benedict... in fact these posts should just be called "eggs benedict in Dublin!' ... but it was amazing! Came with wedges too... it's like they could read my mind!

Did they pass the 'Skinny-Doll-are-the-eggs-runny enough' test'?!?! 
Oh hell yes! perfectly poached! 

Plates licked and cleaned! Not called the 'best brunch in Dublin' for nothing I tell ya!

And since I'm all about bathrooms... THIS is the sink in the loos! 
For a petrol head gal like me... love them! 

Check them out here...  >>>  guarantee it will become a fav! 


  1. I really shouldn't read your brunch posts before lunch time!!! starvin marin now.. lol

  2. That guys shirt haha !!


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