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Keeping with the savoury snacks theme of late ... this week Popchips... 

These are all 3PP each and I had the BBQ flavoured ones last night at the flicks when I saw Inbetweeners 2! VERY funny and childish but if you need a good giggle... go! 

These are 23g bags so you're getting a nice portion for your points... I have a bag of sour cream and onion calling my name after this weeks weigh in! YAY! 

Four flavours in the range - Sour cream & onion, BBQ, Salt 'n' Vinegar and Original... 


  1. Where can you buy,who makes them please? I am such a savoury girl.Thanks your info is helpful as always .

    1. They're all over the place.. Dunnes, Tesco Supervalu.. even some of the Topaz garages and Spars have them... x

  2. I haven't seen these in individual bags yet, afraid to buy a multipack!


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