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Lets finish this....

Over the weekend I spotted the 'C' word... not the rude one... the one with glitter and pressies!

20 weeks... TWENTY!!! That means in 21 weeks we're looking at new years resolutions again... How fast is this year going by?!? Now I haven't even gone on my summer holidays yet so even hearing the word 'Christmas' gives me the shivers... I LOVE summer but the thoughts of cold damp dark mornings.. no .. not yet.. I just can't... 

But look at it this way.... 

1 lb a week - 20 lbs - 1st 6 lbs
1.5 lbs a week - 30 lbs - 2st 2 lbs
2 lbs a week - 40 lbs  - 2st 12 lbs

Who wouldn't want to be nearly 3 stone lighter for Santa!? How many of us would be happy with a stone and a half closer to goal for the new year!?!

Remember all the resolutions in January!?! Time to finish what we started!

A new challenge coming soon if anyone is up for it... Have a fab week!


  1. Always up for a challenge Doll, bring it on :)

  2. Sounds good to me too - i need a good kick up the B**!

  3. 2 more weeks til me summer hols and then I'll allow the "C" word to slip into conversations and get excited :)
    Defo up for a challenge tho after me hols :)

  4. Long time reader, first time commenter! Love your blog! I've worked out my potential weight loss for Christmas. It's such a motivator. Good luck with your journey

    1. welcome! Lovely to get comments for new and regulars alike! Christmas will be here before you know it! x


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