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Well well well.. that's it.. I'm on the top of the hill and now I'm picking up speed! Hopefully I'll be light enough to start slowing down soon.. so Beerday is over and I'm happy to report that 3 dinners out, a cocktail class and a chocolate biscuit cake in the shape of my car has allowed me to stay the same this week.. which I'm happy about.. I made good decisions at all the "dos" .. I was yapping so much for two of them I came home hungry! So I'm not feeling too bad about it.. however now the fun times are over and I'm officially OLD.. its time to get this fat arse into gear! We're nearly moved into the temporary house .. so I've got all my woks, blenders and steamers in place.. so no excuses! Doll x

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  1. Staying the same is better than a gain! My weigh in sucked this week but it was still a loss so I'll take it. Now, like you said it's time to get this arse into gear :-)


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