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Fish, to taste right, must swim three times - in water, in butter, and in wine.
~Polish Proverb

Being that its fish and chips in this house tonight... I thought I'd investigate the ready made chips out there and thought I'd try these... Spicy wedges.. they come in a small bag which means two nice small portions... and again its something different to the norm... and its the spice of life.. as they say! For 100g frozen = 4 pp , backed or grilled is 5 pp... With a nice piece of fish, a handful of prawns and lots of veggies they're a nice change..

EDIT TO ADD... I've just heard back from McCains re the point difference when cooked and here's what they said..

Dear Doll

The reason why the calorie count is higher on oven-baked products than fried products is due to the moisture loss during reconstitution.

As the product is cooked, the moisture level decreases due to evaporation, this means the frozen nutritional values such as fat, protein and carbohydrates increase. Because moisture is present in a much smaller amount once baked or fried, the proportion of nutrients such as fat, protein and carbohydrates increase, thus replacing the lost moisture.

As a result of the moisture loss and the increase in nutritive values, the calorie count increase, for the reason that the calorie count is worked out on the fat, protein and carbohydrate values. I do hope this helps explain the difference.


  1. they looks tasty! we're a tater house.

  2. How comes they change from 4pp to 5pp when cooked? Surely theres no oil or anything added :S

  3. @Leah I'm not actually sure but on the back it gives the breakdown for frozen, ovenbaked and grilled and there's a point difference between the two.. I'll def check it out..

  4. OK I could be wrong but I think this is what is going on. Say you weigh the wedges when frozen and they weigh 100g - you might have say 5 for that. ( this is made up). You cook them. They lose moisture and so get lighter. So - if I am right - and you weighed them cooked - they might weigh say 93 g.
    Ok so far?
    The flip side of this is if you weigh them after cooking instead of before, you might get a greater number of wedges ( cos each one is a bit lighter) for 100g worth on the scales - maybe 6 say. Soooo you would have a higher points score because you are eating a greater number of wedges for the 100g worth.
    I could be wrong but that is how I have always understood it.
    SO it doesn't matter which way you do it - decide how much you want to eat and weigh it beforehand, use the uncooked PP value and that is it.
    Nothing weird happens to make the PP value increase once cooked it is just that you would be getting more product per 100g of weight.

  5. That doesn't mean that what they said was wrong - it is obviously correct that the other nutritional values increase proportionately - but could my theory be correct too? Might have to do an experiment here! I have always just weighed these sort of things uncooked and gone by that. hmm.


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