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PPPOTD - Juicy

"When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out - because that's what's inside. When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside."
Wayne Dyer

Morning all... I know we're all suppose to drink our body weight in water.. but sometimes its SO hard.. I really feel like I should stick a couple of fish in there to happily swim about! Something our leader has told us about is mixing a little juice with the water to trick our minds.. (again!) I came across these Ribena Blackcurrant drinks in individual portions, they are 2 pp per 200ml and are VERY sweet! But if you are in car and have a bottle of water you can easily squeeze in a little juice and get it down easier!!! They aren't sugar free like the cordials in the range but I suspect there are sugar free versions which would be lower in ProPoints...


  1. The whole benefit of drinking water is to shift the waste matter in your body, keep your skin blemish free & and to cleanse inside & out. Personally adding Ribena to it doesn't actually do you any good, try a slice off fresh Lemon and a few ice cubes...or even a slice of fresh lime! Get drinking lady - :O)

  2. @Icclesuez I totally get what water is all about.. I'm a big fan of hot water and lemon in the morning.. but some people who visit here just can't drink it neat! Its just a suggestion to make it go down a little easier... :)


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