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There's no excuse other than I didn't track and I didn't plan! We are currently living out of boxes.. we're between houses and I didn't allow for the all day/night packing and not preparing dinner.. not having my snacks to hand.. allowing myself the EASY way out.. "oh lets just get a takeaway" would normally have me running to the kitchen to make my own chinese but I was lazy and took the easy road .. and it showed on the scales.. My leader always says.. the week ends when you step on the scales and starts when you get off... I went straight from class.. (which was all about about pancakes.. I'll post the recipe later... ) and went to my green grocer and bought €30 worth of fruit and veg... I'm stocked for the rest of the week and the only event is my birthday which I'm saving my 49 pp for tmrw night.. the plan works.. but lesson learned.. you HAVE to following it COMPLETELY ... "kinda" tracking in your head.. "oh I'll remember later" .. "I'm SURE I can't have gone over today" .. no no no no no no no no! I'll prove this next week with my weigh in! chin (or should that be chins!) UP!

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