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There are no guarantees, but remember: Even in the future, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour. Vanilla Sky 2001

Confucius say DOLL LOVES CHINESE... so whilst doing my weekly shop I thought I'd do a little comparison... Sweet & Sour sauces... Now I've only done three.. but its enough to show just how different they can be propoint wise and how you can save an extra point here and there if you're smart! These are only the sachets, I'm not a huge fan of the jars as they are full of additives and god knows what, also they tend to "coat" the food rather than flavour it, I'm no domestic goddess (watch out Nigella!) so I like to add the flavours but with out all the E numbers ..

First up... Amoy Thai Sweet and Sour - 4 pp per 120g, that works out at 2 pp per person but if like me you use tonnes of free veg you can make those points count the next day for lunch!

Next its Uncle Ben - Careful with this one.. this works out at 4 pp per 100g (but the sachet is 150g which technically serves 3 people - 6pp for the whole sachet)... this means 2 pp per serving... Although this one looks quite thick so adding a little water to your sauce might stretch it.. it would be easy to just divide this by two, meaning it would be 3 pp per serving... Its also very ... um.. bright in colour!

Finally my favourite range ... Blue Dragon Sweet & Sour - this sachet is again 120g for 2 pp .. so its only 1 pp per serving.. there's lots of flavour in this ... and compared to the Uncle Bens one.. looks like there's less colouring and additives in this one too ... (note - this is the new packaging.. you made still find the old style packs in your supermarket but the propoints are the same..)


  1. Very useful, I love sweet & sour!! Thanks for the info x

  2. I love sweet and sour! I'm going to see if my Tesco have the Blue Dragon one. Thanx so much for all the advice and reviews you give out here, you're a star! xoxox


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