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The Secret is OUT!

For those who follow Weight Watchers on Twitter or Facebook, you'll know that recently they set out to find a panel of "Superfans" to research, comment, review and get down with the real members! Well, 10 lucky people from across Britain and Ireland were chosen, all at different changes in their journey, some with large losses, some baby-weight losses, some emotional eaters, a good bunch of enthusiastic members who have lost by attending meetings or online, some are at goal and are on maintenance, there's someone that everyone can relate to whatever stage they are at in their journey! AAANNNNDDDDD Miss Doll can announce, drum roll please... that she is amongst the chosen few... YAY! We'll be swapping ideas, tips, recipes and lots more fun, helpful and informative stuff in the near future. Lots of things to help everyone get to their goal... Doll x ... or should that be Superdoll? ;)


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