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Feb 5, 2018

This is not a drill people...

You all know my love for porridge... anyone following me over on Instagram gets a morning bowl of it either baked in lovely cake form, layered up overnight or covered in fruit... I love the stuff... So what? I hear you ask... well... drumroll please... Saturday morning, bright and breezy I shall be here ...

This is my local Supervalu in Churchtown... 

... because Supervalu is doing the annual porridge giveaway this Saturday, 10th February ALL DAY! So for every purchase you get a free bag of porridge! WINNING! We all know how good it i for us... It's great to keep you full till lunch time... it's good for cholesterol... and you can top it with anything you fancy... I'm going through a stew apple phase at the moment! 40g is 4SP (10g - 1SP) and I always use unsweetened almond milk and water to save points... yum! So up early people... get your shopping list done, get the steps in to the shops and nab yourself a free bag! They have 50,000 of them up for grabs!

This isn't an ad, it's not sponsored but it's something definitely worth sharing!! No matter if you like it too hot or too cold, it's free porridge lads, how bad!?

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