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Feb 8, 2018

If you're guessing...

OK.. every week I get messages saying "I'm up again this week and don't know what I'm doing wrong..." and when I ask them do they weigh out their portions... no reply... tumble weed... Portion control is a huge part of healthy living... Being bulimic portion control never factored into my meals because I wasn't planning on keep them down for long... so learning that is a tough curve at my ripe old age! Taking control of your portions is so important... You don't need a WW scales, you don't need any fancy equipment... head into Dealz or the pound shop, you can pick up some measure spoons and a scale for under a fiver! I regularly weigh out 60g of pasta and rice and just leave them on my kitchen counter in freezer bags so I can remember just how much I need to pour out... it's so easy to get heavy handed with cereals too... 60 seconds on the scales and you know exactly how much you're eating... and you're in control of your weight loss! 

No more guessing people! 


  1. I agree 100% esp with cereal! 100g "looks like 45g"
    The only thing I don't weigh and I know I should is the drops of milk in my tea!

    Great post Doll xx its nice to get a reminder of the basics x

    1. Oh I'm great at the 'sure it looks about right...' eek! x