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Feb 1, 2018

Spring has sprung...

Nope, I don't care, it's February and I'm running with it... I don't care how cold it gets... winter is behind us! Sorry Australia... but YAY!

Time for a spring clean...

Clearing your wardrobe of clothes that are either too big or too small will stop the mind games when deciding what to wear... How many of us stare longingly inside the wardrobe wishing that dress or jeans would fit us.. and they're not motivating us, they're hidden inside! Clear em out! Put them in another room if you can't bare to get rid of them but we're better looking at an empty rail than be depressed by a rail of baggy trousers or dresses that won't zip up! If you're not wearing it, it's taking up closet space and head space...

Set yourself a few hours, pick an evening during the week when you can slap on a face mask and just go for it... the first few decisions will be the hardest but trust me, once you get going you'll wonder what the hell you were thinking buying some stuff! Plus the charity shop benefits! A clearer rail is a great incentive to get into the next size rather than to be frustrated that you have all these clothes that just won't fit! How many of us wear exactly the same items over and over because they're safe, or comfy, and people won't be staring at us in them... If there's something that you just love that doesn't fit yet... take it out and hang it up where you can see it all the time... back of the bathroom door, on the bedroom mirror, so it's the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning! A clear mind will only help you focus on what you need to do and help you make better choice to get into it!

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