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Feb 22, 2018

Radiators... not drains!

This is an important one, and one that can affect every aspect of your life... We hear every word that is said to us... and the people saying it, fall into one of two groups... radiators or drains! (hang in there it's about to make sense!) 

'Radiators' are optimistic people who radiate warmth and kindness... they want you to do well...they support you ups and downs... they are the ones who will say 'come on, we'll walk to the next bus stop...' 'I bought some low SP treats when you come over for a coffee...' They want you to succeed, they will be happy when you are happy... they don't want you to be miserable... These people are good for your soul... even when you feel like you can't do it, they're on your side...

'Drains' are the negative saboteurs... the pessimists... the ones who don't want you to succeed for whatever reason... they'll have you doubting yourself... 'oh you were up again? Sure you're never going to lose the weight might as well have a choccie' ... they'll be the ones saying 'come on... one slice won't kill you!' They don't have your best interests at heart... and they make it easy for you to give up on yourself! 

Learn the people who are are draining you of your motivation, and suck up the positivity from the people who really want you to succeed! Be a radiator! 


  1. It's difficult to deal with the drains which unfortunately outnumber the radiators, my head is in a win zone and I've been that way for a few weeks now after a long time chugging along so no-one will stop me and I WILL do what it takes to get back to goal with WW, love the blog

    1. It’s one of the toughest things to do... and emotionally so hard because you can’t understand why they want to sabotage you... I still struggle with some ‘drains’ but trying to stay strong all the time is hard... xxx

  2. So so true.....Love this post....Thank you for being such an inspiration Skinny Doll!!