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We all have those little voices... the evils ones who whisper that 

'one bag of crisps never killed anyone GO ON... have em!'... 
'sure you've ruined the week anyway you might as well just give in and start again after class....' 
'You're never going to do it anyway so why are you even bothering?!'

We all have these voices and we can torment ourselves by listening to them and worse giving into them... we listen, we act on them, we feel guilty and the vicious circle starts again... But there's always that one little voice that get drowned out by the noise... The voice that says 'of course you can do it! I belive in you!'

'You look fab today' ...  'Wear the red lippy' ... 'We're another step closer to goal...'

but we fear it... We doubt ourselves and we refuse to believe that maybe that voice might just be right... Surely that voice can't be telling the truth... We're scared we'll look foolish, that we'll look like we have 'notions' ... 

'Would you look at her wearing fancy red lippy on a Monday, who does she think she is?' ... 

But in our heads it sounds more like this...
'Who do you think you are wearing red lipstick... 
For gods sake take it off you look like a clown! A fat clown too!'

We're afraid that people will think that we're smug because we've had a really good day and we just want to share it with others... 'Oh it's all right for you!' 

But this week, let's all listen to THAT voice... Let's believe THAT voice... 

We can all do this, we are all worth it and we ARE good enough! 
In fact we're more than good enough! 

Wear the lippy today... you'll look FABULOUS! 


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  1. Just getting started on my journey and found your website, thank you for all of the useful info and great advice!
    I feel pretty spectacular beginning this journey with a red lippy mentality, ya!!!


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