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Why 'Zero Heros' are actually Heros!

The sun is out again and ALL the salad goodness is out in the shops now to enjoy! I LOVE it! Homemade coleslaw, beetroot, gherkins all satisfy my savoury teeth! It is SO easy to fill up your plate with 0SP salads and veggies... I get a lot of queries about Zero heroes and 'WHY do I need to fill up on them?'  This little graphic explains it perfectly...

We eat with our eyes and a full plate equals a full stomach in our minds, which means we are full, content and less likely to binge or snack on rubbish after meals! The low saturated fat, low calories and the natural sugars in these foods mean we can fill up on them and still be healthy! You can see that 400 calories of oil isn't going to get you through the night without a trip to the fridge!

As much as you might HATE veggies and CAN'T STAND lettuce, it's really worth sticking with them and working out what works best for you... Add dressings and herbs, spices and roast veggies to give  loads of flavour... experiment with flavours, mint, thyme, chives, lemon zest, lime juice, balsamic vinegar, orange juice, try all the spices in the shops! Please note some of these experiments will go horribly wrong and end up in the bin but that's no excuse to give up trying! You will find the perfect dressing for you and LOVE it!

Eating half a plate full of freshly chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, scallions, peppers, roasted shallots, asparagus, green beans, radishes, celery, slices of orange, baby tomatoes, I mean the list goes on... it's just good for us and if you're doing the Count plan they're all 0SP! It's natural unprocessed food, grown in the ground and most of it goes no where near chemicals... and it's what we're designed to eat... So get adventurous now the sun has come out and fill up on the good stuff! Don't forget your sunscreen!

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