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Digestive anyone?

For the dunkers amongst us... here's a swap you will love... 
Eat 'em slowly & let the chocolate get all melty... the thins have the same yummy chocolate on top so there's no difference between them only you'll get 3 thins for one normal biccie! 

McVitie's Digestive thins per 6.2g biccie...

1 thin - 1 SP
2 thins - 3SP
3 thins - 4SP
4 thins - 5SP

McVitie's Digestive biscuits per 16.7 biccie...

1 biscuit - 4SP
2 biscuits - 7SP
3 biscuits - 11SP
4 biscuits - 14Sp


  1. I love these. Always have two at the end of the day with my coffee as my treat. There is a nice cappuccino one too but they haven't been in my tescos lately.

    1. It's very hard to get the cappuccino ones! They're yum though! :)


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