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Feeling fraiche!

Another Saturday, another swap... 

I buy a tub of creme fraiche nearly every week... I use it in curries, I stir a tablespoon into soups, it makes a great marie rose sauce for fish dishes and I love it with fruit... it's very versatile and much lower in SmartPoints than cream! Plus it lasts much longer than cream in the fridge!

But... a couple of tablespoons in a curry can cost you 2SP or 5SP!
 Just buy choosing a lighter version, in this case the Tesco own brand version... That's 3SP from your weeklies that can be spent on a glass of wine! Just sayin' ...


Tesco Half fat Creme Fraiche
15g - 1 SP
30g - 2SP

Note the only difference in the packaging is the green swirl around the top... I've been caught out a few times not paying attention only to realise I've bought the wrong one! 

Tesco Creme Fraiche - 
15g - 2SP
30g - 5SP

Irish Yoghurts Creme Fraiche - Half fat
15g - 1SP
30g - 2SP

Yoplait Creme Fraiche 
15g - 2SP
30g - 4SP

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  1. Your product packaging is so much prettier than ours.... ours is boring ... I have never even seen Creme Fraiche...I feel a Google search in my future :P


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