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Swap Saturdays! Cheese pleeeeease...

We all get caught out with the full fat stuff when we're eating out, a lot of the time we don't have a choice with what restaurants use to cook our food in... But when we're shopping we're in control and there's so much choice now with where we shop and the various versions out there... I thought I'd do a weekly post on what good 'swaps' are out there... If something isn't in your supermarket, you've got to ask (DEMAND!) that to get it in for you! Don't ask... don't get!  First Saturday Swap post is Tesco own brand Mozzarella... I HATE protein cheese, there I've said it, it tastes like rubber, it's just not for me... I'm not a chocolate fan, I adore my crisps and cheese is the one thing I'd happily spend my weeklies on... when I'm making pizza wraps I love real mozzarella cheese and getting low fat versions can be difficult... Swapping to the half fat version available you can save 2SP per 30grams... That's two more SmartPoints for wine, just sayin'! 


  1. A girl after my own heart....cheese, pizza and wine. Clever swaps makes it's so much easier. Great idea for a regular blog post.


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