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You either love it or hate it! I put it on EVERYTHING... Also in Ireland you were either a 'Chef' or 'Heinz' family... we're Chef through and through and we're very judgey of places that only serve Heinz... But that's just our nutty clan... The hidden sugars in savoury food is incredible... my fav tinned soup is loaded with sugar... so these alternatives are so much better for your health because you're not loading your system with hidden sugars...

So the swaps... 

Chef Tomato Ketchup, 50% less sugar & 25% less salt
per 15g - 1SP
per 30g - 1SP
per 45g - 2SP

Chef Tomato Ketchup
per 15g - 1Sp
per 30g - 2SP

Heinz Tomato Ketchup 50% less sugar and salt
15g - 0SP
30g - 1SP

Heinz Tomato Ketchup
per 15g - 1 SP
per 30g - 2SP

Other great low sugar alternatives out there ... 

Real Good Tomato Ketchup - 70% less sugar
per 15g - 0SP
per 30g - 1SP
per 45g - 1SP
per 60g - 2SP

Dunnes Stores own brand Tomato Ketchup 50% less sugar
per 15g - 0 SP
per 30g - 1 SP

Hellman's Tomato Ketchup sweetened with honey
per 15g - 1SP
per 30g - 1SP
per 45g - 2SP

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