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Success... Now anyone who knows me, knows I've got the pom poms out when someone loses half a pound... As someone who is chipping away at weight loss VERY slowly... I know how hard it can be for someone to lose half pound, PCOS just adds to the misery and in fact, some weeks, I'm celebrating staying the same ... but success can be measured in so many ways... walking up the stairs without feeling breathless... zipping up a pair of jeans with ease, ones that were VERY snug! Someone saying 'you're looking well' and knowing you feel it... and 5 lbs to someone is the very same as 5 stone to someone else, it's all relative... so celebrate the little successes along the journey... They have been well earned and it's hard for some of us to lose weight and a round of applause can really be a positive thing! 

Soup... It's the time of year for it and there are SO many good versions online... but come spring time I'd rather go to the dentist than see another butternut squash... so add some Spices... they add such variety to your meals, can curb your hunger and will release all the feel good endorphins! 
Here's some of the things I add to mine to spice things up ... >>> HERE <<<

Salt... yes it's bad for you... it will make you bloat, it will make you hungry and thirsty, so keep an eye on it if you're a little heavy handed with the cellar! 

Sleep... it's a known fact that lack of sleep can add to weight gain, but with such busy lives it can be hard to turn in early... so set yourself some rules... turn off the internet and get into a routine to help you drift off... do an at-home beauty treatment, catch up on your fav book, I've a stack of cookbooks beside my bed it's not even funny! Wind down and give yourself a chance to really rest and relax... it'll make all the difference...  


If I'm ever stuck for something to cook and need some inspiration I always head to one my fav bloggers 'Skinny Jeans and the In-betweens' ... Irish blogger Diane, makes healthy and lighter versions of all the classes and her recipes are DELICIOUS! Whether you're propointing or doing F&H all the info you need is with each recipe... Check her out >>> HERE <<< 

No one could escape the 'spice bag' last week in the news and in WW classes all over the country, my leader made one in class and dear god it was amazing! I've never tried one but after last week it's on the list of to-dos! Here's a version from Diane AKA 'Skinny Jeans and the In-betweens' blog... >>> HERE <<< 

Spray oil - up to 18 sprays is 0PP
Sharon Fruit
Spices - fresh
Spring onions

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