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Baked oat muffins...

Lots of requests for my baked oats recipe that I did on Snapchat last week... honestly there are tonnes of variations on this if you have a google but these are how I do them... 

For the basic recipe... 

Whats in it?
40g of oats - 4PP

50ml of slim milk - 1PP 
   It's 1PP per qtr pint of slim milk, which is 142ml so you're covered! 
   I make these in batches so I just count 1PP for all the muffins I make...

1 egg - 2PP

2 tbsp of sugar/sweetener 
   I use Canderel just because that's the sweetener I use when I'm baking 
   or you can use honey which you will have to ProPoint or Sweet freedom works too!

Total ProPoints per recipe - 6PP  which is 4 large muffins
I use the 1PP for milk from my daily allowance...

That's the basic recipe... what you add is up to your personal preference... Raspberries are my fav... any zero fruit that you love... bananas work well but if you use something like pineapple or pears, just cut back on the milk as it will be too runny and won't bind as well... I've used pineapple in the past, drain it, leave it on kitchen roll for a few minutes before you add it to your mix and add what milk you need last to make it moist ... 

You can also add nutella, choc shot, vanilla essence, choc chips whatever takes your fancy... as long as your consistency is good it will hold! 

Some recipes add yoghurt to the mix instead of milk, so it's a good recipe to experiment with if your not a dairy fan!


Pop everything into your mixing bowl and... 

mix is up! Simples!

I use silicone cases because the muffins just pop out! 
If you use cupcake cases you will lost some muffin peeling them off! 
You can get these everywhere now, Dealz, Home Store and More, 
any shop that selling baking stuff will have them and they're very cheap!

I spray my cases with a little spray oil and in the mixture goes... 

into the oven... for 15 - 20 mins on Gas mark 4 / 350F / 180 C

Et voila! 

2 muffins with a dollop of yoghurt and the left over fruit for 4PP is a really filling breakfast
and they make a fab dessert!  

I'll be snap chatting (is that a verb?!) these again later on for those who requested! 


  1. Ooooooh they look tasty... must get me some silicone cases and give them a go :-)

    1. They're an easy way to get that 'full till lunchtime' feeling when you're sick of porridge! x

  2. So...on Filling & Healthy...they might be ...could they actually be....Free? **does a little happy dance**

  3. Oooh these look amazing!! Do you know the smart points for this recipe?!?

    1. Same SPs.. eggs are 2SP, you can use unsweetened soya milk to save a point there, and the porridge oats are 1SP per 10g :)

  4. I'm making these today cannot wait to try them!!😊😊

  5. Replies
    1. I personally haven't but I'm sure they would freeze,I don't know how they would turn out though? :)

  6. Hello im just wondering what oats did you use? is there specific type or brand? I cant wait to try these. Thank you

    1. I just use normal porridge oats... any brand works well :)

  7. Do you have the smart points on these?


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