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'Q' - #xmascountdown

'Q' is for... 
QUITTING... we've all done it... we've all just given up... we've all said "after Xmas/Easter/My birthday 'insert event here' I'll be BACK..." and then lost the run of ourselves only to appear back in class with a lot more to lose than when we started... it's my top tip when people ask me for advice... there will ALWAYS be a family event, births, deaths and marriages... then add birthdays, holidays and calendar events into the mix.. there will always be something... always... but learning how to work around them is the trick... no one said you can't have Xmas dinner and enjoy it, no one said you can't have a selection box or an Easter egg... but learning to enjoy life and enjoy everything in moderation is the key... last week I was on the cusp of throwing in the towel... I know pointing works fro me... I know how to do it, but last week life got in the way and the last thing I wanted to do was count points... or even care about what I was eating... emotions will do that... but like I said on snapchat the other day, giving up is not the answer, the only person your giving up on is yourself and the people who suffer are the people who love YOU the most and want YOU to be happy and healthy! So the doubts creep in... draw a line... and get over it... it's easier to start again right now than next Monday / Month / New year! 

is a quote... one I say over and over again to people who are thinking of just giving up... 

Chicken Quesadillas... SO easy to make and they taste SO good... from the lovely Gina over on! Fantastic recipe to use over left over veg and a filling lunch to boot! 
>>> HERE <<< 

Image ©SkinnyTaste

And for the Quorn lovers... here's an easy pasty from Weight Watchers... >>> HERE <<<  I've tricked my family into thinking they're eating mince with quorn.. the trick is to season it well... and it cuts the ProPoints back in dishes like home made cottage pies or spag bol! If you're unsure, mix half quern and half mince! 

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