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Keep it real... there are 9 weeks till Santa gets here... and being realistic many of us can lose 9lbs by then and still enjoy all the good stuff that will happen... of course losing more is a bonus and hard work and sticking with it will mean that you do... but announcing you're going to lose 2 stone by Christmas day isn't realistic if you're not super determined and really really focused... and I won't be focused until the Wallabies win the World cup... I may be a while!  Just think though.. the first week may be brilliant... and the second but what happens when you stay the same one week... or you put up a pound? Many will just throw in the towel because they set the benchmark too high... instead of somewhere that's honestly achievable... if you're the kind of person who loses half a pound every week, then that's what you body will lose... shouting at it to lose 4 lbs won't change it... but it will make you feel like you've failed... so listen to your body and not the chocolate angels on your shoulders! I'm always saying my top tip is not giving up!

Last week I was up 5lbs... I didn't deserve it but I was a walking human fish bowl... it happens about 3 or 4 times a year when I get really bad PMT... I knew it... I had a little cry, fine I bawled, about it to myself (hormone central!)... my leader understood it and this week I was down 6lbs... I knew I had been on track... I knew I had been a bit bold at the rugby and I also knew my body well enough to know this was just out of my control... and if I work at it it will show eventually... in my teary state I was happy to throw in the towel, take a break from all of i, propounding, blogging the lot and just 'start again in January!" but how much would I be up by then? I was giving myself permission to run amok... but I stuck with it, got over myself and I'm now 1lb away from a 9 stone loss... sometimes we just need a little reality check to make us realise how well we're actually doing...

One of the most successful weight loss blogs out there is Ronis Weigh... it's such an honest and personal account of weight loss and it will motivate you ALL the way!
You can find here >>> HERE <<<


Another amazing weight loss blogger is Monica from 'Run Eat Repeat' >>> HERE <<< Again Monica's blog is about her journey and living a normal life including the ups and the downs... well worth a look!


Risotto... this only appeared on my TL last night so I've yet to make it but I LOVE risotto... it's from  fellow Irish blogger and weight watcher Zoe from '59lbs to go' and ALL of her recipes are amazing... You'll find it >>> HERE <<<  It's definitely on my meal plan for next week!



Top tip for rhubarb - stew it in diet lemonade or 7UP ... it's LOVELY!

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