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'P' - #xmascountdown

'P' is for... 
Patience... I can't tell you how many times I've heard 'I'm on week two and I've stayed the same even though I lost 4 lbs last week and I did the exact same thing... It's just not working...' or variations of the same... every week I get messages along the same lines... 

No one went to bed and woke up 4 stone heavier... so you won't wake up 4 stone lighter either! You've got to give yourself a chance... some weeks you've got to let your body catch up with you... Throwing in the towel after one week just puts you on the endless loop of yo-yo dieting... I know because I've done this MANY MANY times... I've rejoined more times than I've had hot dinners because the weight just didn't fall off me! It's taken me 3 years to lose 8st 12lbs... and trust me, it took a lot longer for it to go on... so give yourself a chance... 

'P' is for...
Portion control... take 10 mins this weekend to just weigh out some pasta, cereal or rice... and look at it... feel the weight of it in your hands so you know what 3PP of pasta feels like... I do this at least once a month and leave two small freezer bags on my work top so I can see just how much pasta I should be eating... it's so easy to guess, and as the week goes on, 3PP of cereal can really be 5PP and you'll be left wondering how you didn't lose weight... get yourself a smaller plate... use the ice cream scoop to measure out your potatoes... it's small things that will keep you in check... 


This week I'm sending you all to a fantastic blogger... 'It suzy to be fat'.. Jennifer has collected some fabulous recipes from other sites for low PP pumpkin dishes (I am a HUGE pumpkin fan!) on her blog so check her out >>> HERE <<< ... PS: I've made the protein pumpkin pancakes and they were incredible! 

Image ©ItSuxToBeFat

Image ©ItSuxToBeFat

If you don't already, then you need to follow Jen from Prior Fat Girl... her honesty is just incredible... every post is heartfelt and, like me, she still struggles... it hasn't been easy, she's had to work really hard but she's done it... and she's still working hard to do it and I love that about her journey... the site is hosted but other 'prior fat girls' all on their journeys and it's one of my go to sites when I get the wobbles and think I'm never going to get there... Check out their stories >>> HERE <<< 

'P' Zero Heros

Peaches (fresh or in juice NO SYRUP!)
Pears.. same as above! 
Peas - the sugar snap kind not the tinned ones... 
Pickled gherkins (If there is a heaven I'll be eating these ALL day long there!) 
Peppers.. red, orange, yellow, green... all of em! 
Pineapple... one of natures best sweeteners! 
Just don't add it to sugar free jelly or it won't set... 

and, oh happy days.. 

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  1. It's so true how portion sizes can grow in our minds! I'm restarting WW [yes for the last time - sigh - but I'm committed to being done quitting regardless of how the journey goes] and the best thing I've done so far is rearrange my teeny kitchen so that the food scale can sit permanently in it's spot on the counter.

    This weekend I'll be weighing out some bags of snacks to take with me as needed.

    Patience . . . not my strong point LOL!


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