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'O' - #xmascountdown

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Obese... Overweight... yes there is an epidemic on the way... in fact it's pretty much here... and it can be a real struggle sometimes when all the bad foods are cheap and easy to make, and the foods that are good for us are over priced... I was in a shop recently, I hadn't planned my lunch properly, so I needed to make some good decisions... I veered away from the deli counter... bought my self a packet of cooked chicken and a wrap... when I spotted 4 sausage rolls for €2 yet the punnet of strawberries I looked at were €4... it's difficult to make decisions sometimes but you've got to remember food is fuel for your body... and eating 4 sausage rolls might be lovely and trust me in times past I would have managed it no problem... but the one message I would tell people about my weight loss is the effect it is having on my life now is just a complete 180 on before.. my back doesn't hurt.. my knees are better... I can walk and walk and walk and not need a paramedic... my skin is clearer...  my parents aren't worried about me anymore... I'm wearing brighter colours and feeling good about me, which in turn makes the people who hang out with me feel good too... I've lost weight and I've lost the negativity that comes with some people... if you look after you, everyone in your life benefits... you'll be a more energetic mum, a colleague who is up for anything... a friend who doesn't say no all the time because they have nothing to wear or they're afraid someone will make a comment about them... you will be a better version of you and everyone reaps the rewards... so make the start... one meal doesn't wipe out a whole week and do it for yourself... and if someone doesn't like it... it's their problem, not yours... x


The amazing Angela from 'Oh She glows' has amazing recipes for the meat, dairy and gluten free amongst you...  Her blog is all about using food as a fuel, tasty fuel, and nourishing yourself from the inside out! Check here out >>> HERE <<< 

Omlette Muffins... These are fast, easy and SO good... PLUS make a batch and you've got breakfast done for the week! You can add pretty much ANYTHING to these so all your zero hero favourites! This recipe from Marjorie over on 'A pinch of Healthy' is a great one to try out if you've never made it before... its' got the method and you can change up the ingredients once you get confident! The link is >>> HERE <<< 

My version is here >>> HERE <<< 


Dont' forget OCTBER!!! They Instagram challenge is starting today! YAY!

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  1. I didn't gain any weight last Christmas but I did during the summer! The o word will be far away this Christmas. Need to get focused. Loved this post. Made me laugh x


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