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Sophies @ The Dean - Brunch Club

Brunch Club with a view this month... Sophie's is the roof top restaurant at The Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street... just a stroll from Stephens Green... One thing to note, ring first to check availability or book in advance as it's VERY popular at the weekends but so worth it! 

Yes, there are swings at the lift if you have to wait for a bit... I KNOW!

The menu has all the usuals for brunch... including healthy options...

the juices were great and freshly squeezed!

Teas and coffees were ace and refill for the tea pot wasn't a problem... 

You can choose to sit inside and take in the panoramic view of the city or... 

... enjoy the view from the terrace outside... 
lots of heaters out there and blankies to keep the old knees warm! 

Nice to have a sneaky peek at what the chefs are doing too! 

Seats down for the girls... and up for the... well you get the idea! 


But what about the food... well it didn't disappoint... 

I went for the toasted bagel with cream cheese and bacon... unreal! 
and the bagel was the size of a side plate! YUM! 

My pal indulged in the eggs benedict.. 
so I forced myself upon their brekkie to gauge the 
'runniness' of the eggs! perfect even though I wasn't eating it! 

Did I mention there were swings?! 

You can find Sophie's...

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