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You know when you get back from your holiday... the fridge is empty... you've got to take off your flip flops and wear SHOES to trudge to the supermarket, wearing a jacket to cover your tan.. last thing you want to be doing is a food shop and it has to be done eventually... but rather than reach for the chinese takeaway leaflet, you could have all your fruit and veg delivered the day you get back! Defrost your meat and you're back on track the day you land... cue Nudie Foods... 

These guys will deliver fresh fruit and veg goodies to your door straight from Smithfield market, so technically you're skipping the middle man, so you can keep your flip flops on and impressive the driver with your tan! WIN WIN! 

I got their Fruit & Veggie combo, one of their most popular hampers and it contained... 

1 cauliflower

7 carrots
A box of mushrooms
1 aubergine
2 red onions
3 brown onions
Vine of cherry tomatoes
Punnet of strawberries
6 bananas
4 pears
5 apples
2 peppers
5 plums
5 clementines
10 spuds
1 orange

I know you'll all be shouting 'but you can get it cheaper in XYZ...' but for people with busy lives or work ridiculous hours, the convenience is fantastic... you know when you go to the supermarket late and it's just about to close, you'd be lucky to get one bruised pepper and a few berries on the cusp of going mouldy... you could have this waiting for you when you get home... If you were sick, and lets face it with this silly weather there's a real dose going around, on crutches, driven demented by kids over the summer, or with a new baby or just want the convenience of someone else to do it for you for once, it all arrives fresh from the market to your door! If you knew someone who isn't into flowers and wanted to send them some feel good factor-ness, a fresh box of fruit is a fab present and cheaper than a bouquet for just €20! 

I took a sneaky peek in the van when it arrived and it was full of boxes laden with fruit heading to offices all over the city... imagine your office getting a fresh hamper of fruit every week for €20... that's less than most spend on milk and sugar, let alone cake and biccies! You could start your health challenge from your desk with everyone over the summer! AND when you're all sneaking into the boardroom to watch Wimbledon, cause I believe some people do that, ahem, wouldn't the 'Berry Bonanza' be just the ticket!? Tin of squirty cream and you might as well be on centre court without the rain! Also if you're a smoothy junkie they can add any extras you might need, just ask... 

They have a selection of hampers to choose from online... OR you can make up your own hamper... don't like mushrooms? Weird, but you just take 'em out and customise your box to suit yourself! They even deliver eggs! At the moment they only deliver in Dublin but watch this space as they say... 

You can find them online...

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  1. I need this in my life. I work crazy hours and am always trying to grab bits of shopping here, there and everywhere! Looks delish x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox


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