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Into the West Bloggers Network!

Last weekend I went to the 'Into The West Bloggers Network' first birthday bash! You know I nearly didn't go... I always feel like I shouldn't be at these gigs sometimes but I'm pushing my boundaries and 'manning up' as they say! Firstly the G hotel in Galway is pretty fabliss!!! Pink all over the shop, so I'm right at home... Perfect spot to check out if you're over the west!

After checking in with the fab Sinéad & Saibh, who run ITWBN, it was off to find my table which was aptly named 'Croagh Patrick'... now anyone who has been on here for a while knows of my fav guest blogger John Quinlivan '19st to 10k'... (BTW my fav guest post >>> HERE <<<) A post that has stuck clearly in my mind and I regularly read is of his trip up (well halfway up) Croagh Patrick... I felt every word of that post and still do, but his transformation is one that I tell all my men followers to check out... and many have taken up running and joined weight watchers or slimming world because of him... Tangent - my men folk readers don't comment on here, but I can't tell you how many emails I get asking how many ProPoints in Heineken and the chipper! So imagine my surprise, whilst I'm sitting quietly at my table not to annoy the beauty bloggers, when who should walk in...

I know!!! Total fangirling... gob smacked I was and that's a rare thing! It was awesome! If you haven't read his story skip over and be inspired  >>> HERE <<<  Running marathons now! I was so chuffed to finally meet him! 

One of the key speakers was 
Sinéad Burke, Image Awards Blogger of the year... if you don't read her blog, check it out... she is amazing! Captivated the whole room with her story why she started blogging... a very funny lady with all the sass to boot! You'll find her >>> HERE <<<

Hanging with the cool kids eh?! Darren from, Sinéad and John all clearly on a ITWBN cupcake sugar buzz!

There was cake and fancy nibbles and a cocktail to kick us off! Interesting speakers and lots of brands to interact with... Massive congrats to the girls for a wonderful event, all your hard showed! 


I'm still going through the goodie bag! Sign me up for the next one ladies! 


  1. It looked absolutely wonderful, I really hope that I can go to the next one!

    1. It was a great gathering! Love to meet you if you do go! x


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