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Bioderma comes to Ireland!

It's HERE!!! Bioderma will be on the shelves next week in pharmacy all over... No more begging family to smuggle it in from France! The mention of a ski trip used to get me downloading images and shouting at the departures gate 'JUST SHOW THE LADY IN THE PHARMACY THE PICTURE!'

Last week I was lucky enough to be at the Irish launch of Bioderma so I'm sharing the love, the science and the low down! Some beauty experts were there to give advice and tips! 

Bioderma is based on skin science so it's a 'does what is says on the tin' brand... 
There are four ranges coming to Ireland... 

The blue range is - Atoderm which is for dry to very dry skin and atopic skin... there is a 200ml tube and 500ml pump bottle Atoderm cream in this range which relieves discomfort and soothes itching... well worth a look if you suffer from very dry irritated skin... super hydrating too... 

Sensibio is the pink range... for sensitive skin.. the hero product is from this range...  Bioderma Micellar water... cult product to be honest... this range is for the sensitive types so it nourishes and protects as well as soothes irritated skin.. 

The green range is called Sébium for combination to oily and acne-prone skin... soap free cleansers good for blackheads and purifying creams for severe blemishes..

and finally, the orange range which is Photoderm, their sun care range... SPF all the way here, nothing lower than SPF 30 in the range with the Photoderm Bronz being the hero product for me...

So a bit about my favs.... 

Micellar water is everywhere now, even Nivea, my favourite skincare brand have brought out a 'sensitive' version which is on the shopping list! But every 3 secs on this little planet.. someone buys a bottle of Bioderma micellar cleanser! It's THAT good... so what's micellar water when you're at home Miss Doll?! Here's the science bit ...

Micelles are molecules that are made of fatty-acid esters... when you use it on a cleansing pad they 'deploy' like spies onto your skin... and because of their composition, it makes them brilliant at trapping make up, dust and pollution... off your mug and onto the cotton pad! See I learnt something! 

Best thing is you don't need water so it's a time saver, especially when you're falling into bed and need to take your make up off! NO on like to wake up to the panda imprint on the pillow! It's great for travelling too and there's a 100ml bottle coming to town! It feels SO refreshing, your skin feels so fresh and clean! Plus it's fragrance free...  The RRP in pharmacies is 100ml travel bottle - €5.50 • 250ml bottle - €11.50

In the same range is the Anti-redness BB cream! If you suffer from rosacea then you'll love this... with the weather in this country, you can go from being out in the frosty morning, waltzing into a hot office and back out into wind and rain and this is in May! So if you're like me you'll have that 'rosy cheek' nightmare going on... This BB cream evens out the tones in your skin and hydrates it and I'm finding that a little goes a long way... AND it's got SPF 30! I KNOW! 40m bottle - RRP €17.50 

My final fav... the Photoderm Bronz... I'm ALL about the SPF in things.. I mean... tangent - WHY does only one flavour of the EOS lip balms have an SPF?!?!?! I KNOW! But this stuff is LUSH! SPF 50 (FIFTY!) it sprays on like an oil and absorbs into your skin not one bit greasy.. SPF 50!!! AND it's water resistant! It even recommends that you can spray in your hair whilst you're lounging poolside!  I know we don't have the summer heatwave yet but everyone should be wearing SPF products, just for peace of mind, probably my upbringing but 99% of everything I buy is SPF and I get all shouty when products I love don't have any... I couldn't recommend this enough! 200ml bottle - €22.00 again a little seems to go a long way.... but it's like having a body oil with all the SPF protection...

Photoderm max SPF 50+ is for the fair skinned freckled faces amongst us... anti-shine, fragrance free maximum protection from the sun.. 40ml bottle - €13.00

There's also a selection of Photoderm tinted sun creams all SPF 50+ to check out... 

oh and there were nibbles but I was good! I promise! 


  1. want all of it but i'm not in Ireland OR France. *sulks*

  2. I bought a little bioderma on my last but one trip to a parapharmacy in France. I am going back (i hope in May) and getting more. The little ones make great gifts. FWIW, amazon seems to be selling some of these products for a decent price in the US. I stood in line for 20 minutes at the big city parapharmacy in Paris to save a few Euros, when I could have just gone to the one on Avenue de l'opera and been in and out in a minute. Not worth it if you have limited time and you do count your time on holiday as money. I do.

  3. I've heard good things about this bioderma product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.


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