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Never... Ever...

The common denominator of all the people who are getting close to their goal is never giving up... It's Monday... the day when everyone gets back on it... but isn't it better to be back on track than just giving up.. for years I started, restarted, tried this club and that diet, each time giving up when it got too hard and gaining every pound and then some back... It is hard but every half pound is a step closer to goal... every week you stay the same is a week you managed to make all the good choices without even realising it! The weeks you're up... those are the weeks when you need to see the journey as a long one... We didn't put on weight over night... it won't come off over night... if you've worked hard for it... it will show on the scales... so get back on it today.. because you wouldn't give up on your loved ones, so why give up on you? 


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