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It's not me... it's YOU! #MondayMotivation

Does anyone else have a friend in their life that just drains every ounce of energy out of them?! Can't just be me right?!?! This weekend I had some long hard talks with a good friend who's opinion I really trust... Yes, there was gin, vodka, weight watchers sausages and buckets of cinder coffee involved but it was 'deep and meaningful no holds barred all night' kinda chats and I could tell her anything and know it was OK, I wouldn't be judged and she wouldn't call the cops... but when I waved her off last night, I realised I needed a new mantra... 

Good friends are really important, I'm talking the ones who will lend you bail money... and they're really hard to find... sometimes you invest your energy and give it your all but it's doomed ... no matter how hard you try to make it work for you, eventually you realise that it's not you... it's just not! Trust me!

This week... if someone is begin a negative Nancy... or someone is draining you and not supporting you, really supporting you... lose 'em... if someone is dumping all their drama on you AGAIN... breathe deep and remember... it's not you.... it's THEM!!! You're not a bad person if you put yourself first... 

As we get older... we outgrow people... as you lose weight, you learn who is really behind you cheering you on... and although people might start off shaking their pom poms for you... are they there when you really need support? I mean REAL support... When you feel like giving up, are they there? If any alarms bells are ringing... just remember, out loud...  'It's not me.. its YOU!'


  1. So true.... I've shed a few friends over the last 2 years.. they were sucking the positivity out of me, now i only hear from them when they decide that they need to get back on the wagon and want me to be their cheerleader!!! that works both ways!! So now i wish them luck and tell them to keep me posted on how they go!! i'm no longer getting sucked in!!! well trying not too!!

    1. Its such a hard one to call... I hate thinking that i'm letting people down if they need a friend... but if I'm not good enough all the time... then its not good enough period! Like you... I only hear from some when they want something but I'm getting tougher! Girl power! LOL


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