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You can stop looking now!

You can all stop looking... I've found it... the holy grail of popcorn!!! No really!!! Walkers Sensation Popcorn in Sweet Indian Spices is all you're ever going to need again... *drools*

As a savoury gal my 'research' in crisp tasting is extensive... all for you people you know... Selfless ... I'm just selfless... I haven't even tried the Cinnamon & Salt or the Thai Sweet Chilli (if you have comment below and let us know if they're just as yummy!) but the Sweet Indian Spices is just the hit for anyone who can't be bothered with chocolate...

The damage... 13PP for the large 90g pack or 4PP for the 30g portion (diet maths again!) but to me... worth every ProPoint! 

Sweet Indian Spices - 13PP per 90g pack (4PP per 30g portion)

Sweet Cinnamon & Salt - 13PP per 90g pack (4PP per 30g portion)

Thai Sweet Chilli - 13PP per 90g pack (4PP per 30g portion)


  1. I saw this last weekend and was too afraid to propoint it. 6 or 7pp for half a bag with a movie is pretty good value!

    1. They are GORGEOUS!!! and the bad is BIG!!! NOM!!!

  2. 13pp that's better value than your normal cinema popcorn. My only problem 30g portion... Who's really going to divvy that up?

    1. exactly but even bringing half with you is better than the cinema stuff and tastes SO much better! x


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