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Now you all know I don't fall for hype with new products... I'm very, VERY wary when people wax lyrical about a miracle product, there's always an incentive.. I think all my years in marketing has made me suspicious! However... this is something you'll all want and need... I swear! 

No matter what age you are... and trust me young 'uns, don't think when you hit the next 'big' birthday all your zit worries will be gone... thanks to our fabulous hormones and every other factor on the planet, most of us will get spots FOREVER... dun .. dun... DUUUNNNNNN... feck... 

Now people with acne and serious skin problems have medical solutions and specific foods to avoid to help with break outs... but for the rest of us, it's periods, stress and a few days of crappy food that can set us up for a breakout... 

Squeezing is a no... you'll just be left with a scar and the feckers will spread... most of the lotions and potions I've tried in my time have been slow or just didn't work and I had to ride it out ... we've all tried toothpaste and god knows what else... but from now on... all you're gonna need is Dream Dots for Spots! 

I had to wait for my hormones to kick in for a volcano to erupt on my nose... pretty huh? before I could really test these out... and no lie... 24hrs later it was practically gone! 

So how do they work? Basically you're applying a teeny tiny patch over the zit for the night, and it can work its magic! AND because it's sealed even if you're faffing about and you try to squeeze or touch it, it's sealed tight so you're not spreading the germs about... you know how you have to check it every 2 seconds!?!

You clean you face like usual, pop it over the spot and hit the pillow... overnight it works its magic! When you get up in the morning... it will have changed from a clear to white, that just means it's worked! Gunk be gone! 

Apologies for the close up snout shot but look volcano!!! They recommend you repeat the process over three nights but after the first night, Mount Etna was genuinely going down... it was substantially less red and the 'pain' was practically gone too... All I needed was a bit of concealer and I was good to go...  I stuck with it and after the 2nd night it was all but gone... 

These are fab... AND they're IRISH! I know! When you feel that feckin tingle, or you've a big night out, these are for you... they're perfect for a bridesmaid kit if there's a panic the night before or if you know someone with a debs coming up, or you just want it gone without the messing, these do the job! 

I highly recommend them, they're available is most pharmacies now and they're €15 for 24 dots... 

They can be found online  >>> HERE <<< 

AND two of Irelands bestest beauty vloggers rave about them too, so its not all hype I swear! 

check out Susan Jackson over on SoSueMe >>> HERE <<< 

and Melanie Murphy >>> HERE <<<

We've been saved!!! 

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