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In keeping with the 'Ice pop' manicures, this week it's the Super Split! Remember them... the ice pop WITH ice cream inside... one of the Skinny Mums favs! 2PP by the way... 

The 'ice pop' decal is from Nail Doodles! >>> HERE <<< 

The nicest 'orange' polish I have come across in my quest for the holy grail of varnish is called exactly that, "Orange" by Kelly Brook available in New Look...

The white is 'spilled milk' from Top Shop, I love their polishes... small bottles, lotsa colours and cheapy cheap! 

I'm still practising with my dotting tool so I went a bit Mary Quant on the other hand! 

Anything to spur on the summer and keep this sunshine going eh?! 


  1. Luv these, Orange is lovely and bright :)

    1. Fab for summer! gotta use it while the sun is still here!


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