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Whip me! Chocolate tarts!

Oh behave yourselves! The heat is getting to you... ok so a quickie recipe, well less recipe more ensemble if you will... 

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a posh 'dinner do' and was asked to bring 'dessert', now normally I'd be baking like a trooper but you know when you're just not in the mood... well I just wasn't in the mood... so a quick root around the cupboards to see what I could put together et voila! Chocolate mousse tarts... Tangent: I really want the woman on master chef to describe my food... 

So... the sweet pastry tarts are 2PP each... the Weight Watchers 'Whip' is 2PP per pack and I got 3 well filled 'tarts' for that...

the rest is whatever you've got to hand... mini marshmallows, buttons, chocolate sauce, loads fruit and get decorating... root about in the baking cupboard...

To make the mousse... easy... whisk it up in milk and DONE as Gordon would say!

PLUS think of the activity points you earn if you just use a whisk! 

These are 2PP per tartlet, I know M&S so a similar version when I find out how they work out I'll update it here... Tesco also do 'mini' ones which are 1PP each.. 

1 Pack of the Chocolate Whip gave me 3 well filled tarts... Leave them in the fridge for about 30mins and ta da!!! they'll all think you've been SLAVIN' away and there's only one bowl to wash up! 

Then get decorating, which is the fun part! Lotsa fruit for the people watching their points... and full on choccie overload for the rest!

 I bought the heart shaped biccies in M&S for Valentines day, they were just about in date!

et voila! Done in 20 mins, ProPoint friendly and yes that is lego cutlery! 

Happy weekend everyone x

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