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VICTORY!!!! Weigh in #5

A lot of us get hung up on the scales... and yes its a great tool on the weight loss journey... but this week I've been asking people I know... online... friends... relations... apart from the number on the scales... what has really spurred you on? The list is ... refreshing! 

'Actually doing a full 15 minutes on elliptical, no cheating'

'feeling my collar bones' 

'having so much more energy'

'shopping in ‘normal’ shops'

'getting up the stairs and nor being winded"'

'running my first 5k'

'being hugged and his arms going all the way round me'

'the notches on my belt moving along'

'guys flirting with me'

'fitting into ‘booth’ tables in restaurants'

'being called Miss by a young man when I’ve been used to being called madame!' 

'better skin and my nails are stronger'

'more confidence'

'first time I walked round the block without stopping'

'coming off medication I don't NEED anymore'

'no double chin, no hang on... no triple chin!'

'lower blood pressure'

'pretty underwear' 

'lots of compliments'

'watching other people eating food that I used to want and not caring anymore'

'steering wheel doesn’t press against my belly anymore'

'I look hot in jeans'

'fitting into my pre pregnancy jeans'

'riding a bike after 10 years and loving it!'

'looking hot for my husband... his words not mine'

'not being the ‘fat’ mum for my kids'

'fitting into our old rocking chair with my new grandson and not squeezing myself into it!' 

'I’m just in a better mood all the time!' 

'wearing a bikini for the first time'

'not being the one to shout ‘slow down’ at family walks' 

'being able to wear medium size in shirts'

'being able to go for a six mile walk with my hubby without being out of breath'

'losing the muffin top over my skinny jeans'

'I've had several people tell me how much younger I look'

'I can walk down the biscuit aisle without buying any!'

'at the spa …my bath towel now overlaps when I wrap it around me… I love that!'

'I can walk more than a mile now. In March I could not walk around the block comfortably'

'moving from the ‘obese’ to ‘overweight’ box on the BMI scale' 

'I can go faster on the treadmill'

'having a waist'

'I can wear high heels now!'

'running 8 miles for the SECOND time. The first time I did it, I thought it was a fluke. The second time, I knew I was truly capable'

'well todays victory was having my daughter-in-law call me "skinny" after not seeing her since Easter and the look on my sons face was priceless'

'getting my wedding ring resized'

'wearing an ankle chain for the first time and toe rings! I don't have fat feet anymore'

'I can zip up my hoody all the way now' 

'hitting 10k steps the first time!' 

'the night when my pants nearly fell off in Zumba because they were too big!' 

'the day I overheard someone in college say ‘she’s lost a lot of weight and has really nice hair!’

All these replies are so different yet meant so much to each person.. you can roll your eyes at one and totally agree with the next but to each person it was positive step in the right direction!

When you think that you're not going anywhere on the weight loss journey... look back at the first day you started and see how you have physically and mentally changed... it will surprise you that you never even noticed the little things when you get so caught up on that number every week ... the scales is only one of the tools... living a healthy long life is the ultimate goal regardless of the number you see... and that number will always change... from morning till afternoon... you will weigh differently every time but you're stamina and energy will remain the same...  if you're feeling better in yourself then you're winning! 

If I've missed anyone below let me know! 


  1. I'm back from holidays and after copious amounts of lovely Australian wine and lots of carbs I did some damage control this week and am just 2lbs up from when I went! That is good for me :)

    1. Are you kidding me!?! That's AWESOME! I gained nearly a stone the last time I was over there! Well done! did you have a FAB time?! I'm so jealous! x

  2. Love this, I can identify with a lot of them, and it really keeps me going. What great rewards for all our hard work :) I was down 3.5lbs this week Doll x

    1. WOO HOO! Awesome loss! You are flying! well done x

  3. Hey Doll,
    I was +1 last week and I'm -2 this week... so back on track...

    What has made my week was receiving and email from a work colleague who i only see every now and then. Here's what he said....
    "I didn't want to embarrass you in front of the office, but well done on the weight loss, was really noticeable today"
    Needless to say i was delighted by the totally unexpected compliment :)

    1. Isn't that the BEST feeling EVER! Back into the groove! well done and accept all those compliments! You're rocking it! x

  4. I'm a pound and a half down and thrilled to bits. I fit into that dress that i bought without trying on last year and it wouldnt zip up on me! A few more pounds now and it'll b perfect on me ;)

    1. Brilliant! see regardless of the number your body is changing! Love hearing a zipper move in the right direction! well done! x

  5. Well I stayed the same this week. Slightly disappointed as I thought I had done better, but after having a conversation with the lady who sits in front of me in class I realised it's not actually that number that keeps me motivated...I went to buy 2 tops on Wednesday and I tried on my size and they were too big...I had to get a size smaller which was amazing! All those snippets are so inspiring and I can identify with a lot of them. It;s little things like that that keep me going. We have our step into summer challenge at class so my goal is to lose 10lbs in 8 weeks....time to knuckle down and be serious about this, i will get it and it's take me into the next stone! Bit of a tangent! well done everyone on losses!! xx

    1. See you're body is changing and rather that get hung up on the weekly number you can shout out in the changing room... I NEED A SMALLER SIZE!!!! LOL We're doing the 10lb challenge too! x

  6. Jelliebellie here down 1.5 pounds and off to the gym tonight.Booked a friend to go walking sat sun and monday! Well done everyone!

  7. Didn't get to weigh in at class last week (25/4) because I was away...and was up 4.5lbs this week (2/5) because of it! But back to being good now and will be down next week. All those things on the list are so true... mine was being able to buy knee-high boots with the zip actually closing right to the top! FitFab40

    1. ooh the first time I tried on zip up boots in years I was having a complete meltdown in the shop! Couldn't believe it when they zipped up... they could've been bright pink I would have bought them just to show the zip off! x

  8. Hey Doll :-) I'm down 1.5lbs this week woohoo :-)

    G :-)

  9. I was down 3.5lbs this week so undid the damage of Easter so happy with that!

  10. Sorry! The BH weekend is confusing me! Down 1.5 last week!

    1. LOL .. I'm not sure where I am myself at the moment and another one is 3 weeks!?!?! well done you x

  11. Loads of great NSVs there and I can't wait to add to them! Mine this week was a size smaller jeans fitting me on Friday - they're tight, but they bloody closed!! I was down 2.5 this week x

    1. YAY!!!! LOVE IT! even if you're lying flat on the bed and can barely breathe the feckers are on!!! 12.5lbs on the challenge so far... amazing! x

  12. Love them all. My small victory this week was getting into a pair of pre pregnancy jeans. I was down 1lb this week. Slowly but surely chipping away at the weight...12.5lbs to go to get back to goal.x

    1. So close! You'll get there... and slowly is the best way! It didn't go on over night! well done on the jeans! x

  13. I lost 1lb! :-)


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